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Luis Ruvalcaba

Achieve A Better Job, Career, Or Work: Continuously

I believe that we all want to reach our dreams and goals, that is why we work, and often times we work at jobs we don’t like. I’ve been there, and I know how hard it is to work a job that you don’t like.

I’ve worked hard to achieve better jobs, a better career, and eventually to reach my goals and desires. I’d like to share this method with you, hoping to help you achieve your objective as well.

This step by step guide will help you achieve your goal of achieving a better job, career, or work. This guide can be used over and over again helping you reach a new job, career, or work each time with the same method in this easy to follow book.

This easy to follow guide comes with formulas, diagrams, and figures that will visually help you organize your thoughts, ideas, and thinking, to help you focus on what it is you need to do to achieve that next level in your career.

This guide also comes with Interview tips and help, some sample questions are included as well.

Resume or CV and Cover Letter help and tips are here as well.

I’ve included tips on also how and where to look for a new job or employment, to help you focus on the job hunt.

This guide is easy to read, and comes in simple short sections, instead of thick and bulky paragraphs.

This guide is also meant to inspire and motivate you to achieve what you want to achieve, as it can be hard sometimes to focus on the finishline, so I attempt to help you avoid getting lost on the way to the finish.

This quick and easy book will also cover some topics such as motivation, inspiration, courage, and overcoming fear and distractions that will help assist you in staying dedicated, focused, and on-course.

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