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Finding Wabi Sabi

Finding Wabi Sabi : See Perfection In Everything This easy to read and insightful book aims to help set the groundwork for finding Wabi Sabi, the way of seeing beauty in everything, which stems from the imperfection, the state of continuous withering or decay, and the simplicity that can be found in nature and in objects. Wabi

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Achieve a Better Job, Career, or Work: Continuously

Achieve A Better Job, Career, Or Work: Continuously I believe that we all want to reach our dreams and goals, that is why we work, and often times we work at jobs we don't like. I've been there, and I know how hard it is to work a job that you don't like. I've worked hard to

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The Runners Philosophy

The Runners Philosophy  The Runners Philosophy. Out now on paperback and ebook, ebook currently exclusively on Amazon This book makes several philosophical comparisons between the essence of running and the essence of living everyday life. The runner experiences many obstacles on his or her daily run, and many of these obstacles can be found in daily life. This book makes

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Minimalism in the Mind

Minimalism in the Mind: Have Nothing in Everything This book takes you on the minimalistic approach to not only get rid of stuff, but also other things that take space in our lives, stuff in a physical sense and non physical sense. This book touches the subjects of why having less possessions and clutter in our lives

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You are Wabi Sabi

You are Wabi Sabi: Your Imperfection is Your Perfection Wabi Sabi is the Japanese Buddhist philosophy of seeing beauty and nature in imperfect objects. This short and easy read gives the direct views of how this philosophy applies to us as people. We are imperfect and this makes us perfect. Seeing our defects as anything but defects,

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