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Wabi-Sabi Welcome by Julie Pointer Adams

Wabi-Sabi Welcome by Julie Pointer Adams Wabi-Sabi Welcome is sharing a pot of tea with friends. It is preparing delicious food to nourish, not to show off. It’s keeping a basket of cozy slippers at the door for guests. It is well-worn linens, bouquets of foraged branches, mismatched silverware, and heirloom bowls infused with the spirit of meals

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Finding Wabi Sabi

Finding Wabi Sabi : See Perfection In Everything This easy to read and insightful book aims to help set the groundwork for finding Wabi Sabi, the way of seeing beauty in everything, which stems from the imperfection, the state of continuous withering or decay, and the simplicity that can be found in nature and in objects. Wabi

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You are Wabi Sabi

You are Wabi Sabi: Your Imperfection is Your Perfection Wabi Sabi is the Japanese Buddhist philosophy of seeing beauty and nature in imperfect objects. This short and easy read gives the direct views of how this philosophy applies to us as people. We are imperfect and this makes us perfect. Seeing our defects as anything but defects,

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