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Luis Ruvalcaba

Finding Wabi Sabi : See Perfection In Everything

This easy to read and insightful book aims to help set the groundwork for finding Wabi Sabi, the way of seeing beauty in everything, which stems from the imperfection, the state of continuous withering or decay, and the simplicity that can be found in nature and in objects.

Wabi Sabi is to view the world with much appreciation for the signs of aging, and the embrace of nature found throughout everyday life.

Wabi Sabi is something that is consistently lost, misplaced, or ignored. This book will help you “find” the “way” for being one with Wabi Sabi. To find Wabi Sabi, one must know what Wabi Sabi is, and what Wabi Sabi isn’t. This book will help guide you on how to flip the switch to see things, people, and yourself in a new light.

This book aims to give you a GPS or map to locate it, the binoculars to spot it, a net to trap it, and a mirror to reflect it back on to you.

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